Activating Widgets as per preview demo

Good morning, I am trying to activate the 'Meet Our Great Team' area on the purchased version of the HelthCentre theme. I have attempted to activate various widget areas via Goto > Widget > Find "Home Page additional section above testimonial" but the version we have here looks nothing like the support forums I've read elsewhere. 

Our site is at - the theme we have activated does not appear to have a 'new version available - click here to update' option.

Any direction you could give us would be appreciated.


  • Hi lmcgabhann

    Thanks for using our theme,

    To add a team on the homepage, follow the instruction below. 

    1. Add the team first, follow the documentation given below to add the team,

    2. Now go to the section Header Setting (Theme dashboard >> appreance >> customize >> homepage additional settings >> section header setting) and enter the team title and team description.

    3. Now go to the widgets (theme dashboard >> appreance >> widgets) and Drag "WBR: Team Widget" into "Home page additional section above testimonial" sidebar, Then which you added to the team member, select them in the widget and save it, follow the given screenshot link.

    If you add a team on About us page, follow the documentation below.

    Any confusion lets me know.

  • Thanks for the response,

    I've completed part 1. No problem there.
    In part 2., my header setting does not match the path you've outlined above. Currently, it does not contain the 'Meet Our Great Team' section. Which leads me to assume that the problem is within the Widgets area . . .
    3. >>Appearance >>Widgets on our site looks nothing like the screenshot you have outlined here therefore I am unable to add it as outlined above. (I am using the current/most recent version of the theme). The 'Available Widgets' do not include any of the ones mentioned, in fact none of the 'WBR' Widgets are available to me. I'll attempt to include a picture here . . .

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    Hi lmcgabhann, 

    You are using older version of  theme. 
    Now you need to update theme . If you purchased theme one year ago . 

    Your need to renew your theme package subscription . 

    So you can use theme lifetime only support and update get for one Year. 
    According to our policy,  you can get support and theme update for one year.

    After completion of one year if you continue to want support and theme update then need to renew theme package subscription. 

  • Thank you for the reply, Imran. Can you direct me to the cost of renewing the theme update?
  • Hi 
    To renew your  theme package  you need to buy theme again .
    To buy PRO version You can follow this link. Click Here

  • Thank you, Akhilesh. I'm quite disappointed as this was purchased on the understanding that it would be as per the demo (which included this simple option to feature 'Meet Our Great Team' on our homepage) to learn now that this is not the case.
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    Hi  dear 
    You bought theme one year ago that time our demo didn't consist team  section on home page . 
    So You  must need to renew theme package only one thing we can do for you . 
    I will discuss with account section team and provide you discount for renew them package subscription . 
    If possible also send me  your admin detail at my email address .

    So that I can check your backend  dashborad and assist you better . 

    Thanks for patience .  Sorry for you all your inconvenience . 

  • Hi Akhlesh, I emailed as requested the day we spoke here (almost one month ago) and I have heard nothing back. We have purchased the pro version of this theme and have been unable to use it in the same way the demo suggested we would (i.e. a simple task like add the 'meet our great team' as described. I have spoken to several people at this point regarding the widgets which we do not have access to and have provided username/password details to our site as requested. Can you please resolve?

    With thanks in advance for your assistance.

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    Sorry for your inconvenience. 
    Thanks for your patience . 

    The detail you send me its not working at our end . 
    Pls send me word press username and password again . 

  • Sent again Akhilesh and we've confirmed here that the login details are correct and work from this end. Can you confirm that you have resolved the above issues finally?
  • Hi
    I did not get any detail again .
    I have checked the previous detail  but still the same problem . Still I am unable to login on your site . 

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