Product carousel slow down or make static


I want the product slider to just be static or slow down very much. I goes way too fast on the pro version:

I want it to show 5 static products just like on the lite version:

How pls?




  • Hi Gebores,

    Thanks for using our theme, 

    Follow the instructions given below to show static product

    1. First of all download code snippets plugin ( then activate it

    2.  Then click on add new snipptes.

    3. Then Find the attached code in and paste in code snippets editor.

    3. Activate code snipptes, refer attached scrrenshot link

    4. Now go to the widgets (Theme Dashboard >> appearance >> widgets) window then drag WBR: PAGE / SERVICE WIDGET into the homepage additional section widget area.

    5. Now select the product that you created in LITE THEME in WBR: PAGE / SERVICE WIDGET

    6. Add All Products Like This 

    7. Now go to the home page additional sidebar customize setting (Theme dashboard >> appreance >> customize >>) and unchecked Hide additional section.

    7. Now go to the custom css box (Theme dashboard >> appreacne >> General settinga >> custom css) and paste the following code.

    @media (min-width: 1200px)
    .col-md-2 {
        width: 20% !important;

    background: #f6f2ec;

    8. Check your website now.

    Let me know did it work.

  • Hello Imran!

    Many thanks for your quick responding!! It is beginning to look great! :) I will post positive feedback!

    Pls see at the bottom, I have managed to make a static product gallery following your instructions. Thanks!

    However I would want the products images/gallery to appear right below the text "Onze Producten" and the piece of text underneath there.

    Now there is way too much space in between as you can see. This is because the text is in the product widget section and the gallery in the seperated additional section.

    I would want to put the 2 together so that the gallery is appearing immediately below the text....

    Could you pls tell me how to do...?

    Many thanks in advance!!!

    Kind rgds,

  • Just for your informarion in addition to above:

    I have already tried to just add the product page widgets to the product section widget area however that results in the product carousel not being shown correctly (the product appear very big then en below each other in rows instead of next to each other in columns)

    Could you pls help? Thanks in advance!

    Kind rgds ruud
  • Hi ,Geboers,

    Hope this is the area where you want the change. We are not clear about your description please make a screen shot and specify the area of the change.

  • Hello Imran,

    The area is pointed out in the attached screenshot. I would like the products close below the text pls. Pls note I have already tried to put the additional section widgets in the product section widget area however this results in the products not being shown in columns correctly.

    Also, can you give me a code to NOT show the pink more link buttons in the services section (on the homepage) pls? So removing the read more buttons....

    I would love to hear from you again Imran! Thanks in advance!

    Kind rgds,

  • edited October 2017
    Sorry for your all your inconvenience . 
    I am unable to see the screenshot you have attached .
    If you want to remove  space indicated inside the snapshot . 
    And want to make product/project section like the snapshot 

    If Yup add the below css code inside the Appearnace >> General setting >> custom css box . 
    Add the below css code inside this box . 

    .section-header { margin: 0 ! important; }

    div#text-3 { display: none ! important; }

    #section {  padding: 25px 0 25px ! important; }

    Let me know for further assistance . 

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