Slider SubText not updating from Post using Rambo Pro

I've created a completely new Post and the subtext doesn't appear at all in the slider.   See  The correct subtext does show up in the blog article listed at  Please advise.


  • Hi

    In Rambo theme slider description /Sub Text comes from post excerpt field so first you have to enable excerpt in your WordPress post from screen options

    Kindly follow our help article to configure slider in Rambo theme

    Let me know if still you have any confusion.

  • Hi A, I don't see those options available on the Post page.  Attached is what I see...

  • Hi keithmccall,

    Excerpt box did not see you until you did not enable this from screen option.

    Please peruse our help article you will find how to enable excerpt box
    Here is a screenshot how to enable Excerpt box with steps 

    Let me know did it helpful.

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