Feed Stopped Working

Hi Guys,

Feed been working fine for a year - no problem.

Just noticed it has stopped working and apart from regular updates to Core and plugins - nothing has changed.

Everything is completely up-to-date.

I've checked a couple of Browsers an no go on those.

At a bit of a loss - help gratefully received.

Many thanks,



  • Hi pyntolimited

    There was an issue in our old plugin version. please download the latest plugin from webriti amember area here 

    Login to webriti amember area download Facebook feed pro zip file 

    Go to in your wordpress plugin page delete your Facebook feed pro plugin and upload latest plugin zip file.

    Let me know  

  • Thank you :)
  • Hi 

    If you issue resolved can i close this ticket?

  • Hi! 

    My feed has stopped working as well. I followed your instructions and have logged into the webriti amember area, however, I am unable to find anywhere to download the newest version. Could you please let me know where I can download the plugin? I purchased the pro version. Thank you for your time!

    Take care,
  • Hi kariellen35

    Let me know when you have purchased Facebook fee plugin. can you please share your amember area screenshot 

  • I purchased it a long time ago and I also have an amember account. Here is a screen shot: http://sailingcordelia.com/k9cabins/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Webriti-Screen-Shot.png


  • Hi kariellen35

    Your subscription has been expired. please renew your subscription plan for continuous support and plugin update.


  • I purchased this plugin. Are you saying that I need to purchase it again?? I already paid for the pro version, so I should be granted access to any updates, especially since updates are crucial to keeping my website free of malware and virus vulnerabilities. 
  • Hi kariellen35

    with the plugin, you have get one-year subscription in this you have get one year support and plugin update. After  one year if you want to continue plugin update and support you have to need to update your subscription plan.

  • So you do not provide updates after one year????? That is un-heard of! I can understand a one year limit on support but NOT a Plugin Update!

    If that is seriously the case than I want my money back.

    An plugin that is not updated is a website SECURITY issue. Not providing your customers with your plugin updates makes our websites vulnerable. I have never heard of an author not providing a paying customer with updates! If you cannot provide me with updates than I will have to purchase a plugin that will, but not before you give me my money back!
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