Reduce spacing before and after links under each post

For each post, there is too much space above and below the line with the links "View on Facebook" and "share". How can I decrease this space?

To see this issue, please have a look at the page where I'm using the plugin:

Thank you in advance,


  • Hi 
    Pls see the snapshot and confirm . 
    Are you want to remove this space  Indicated inside the snapshot

    Kindly  confirm us . 
    So that we can assist you better . 


  • Yes, the spaces marked in the image you posted are precisely the ones that we would like to reduce/remove.

    Thank you for your help,
  • Hi 
    I am visiting your Facebook feed page url   , its showing page not found  error. 
    Pls share correct page url on which you are using facebook feed  .

  • The issue is already resolved now. Thank you for your help though!
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