No option to update Facebook Feed Pro from the WordPress Plugins page

Although we have purchased the premium version of Facebook Feed Pro, and there is a later version - we are unable to update it from the WordPress Plugins page (as we can with other plugins).

The problem we have is that the issue described in a separate post (regarding a previous version having a bug which stops the plugin displaying Facebook posts altogether) can only be remedied by downloading the free version and installing that instead of the premium version.

Hence we have purchased the premium version of the plugin but are not getting the benefits!

Please advise.


Nick Burton


  • I have had the same issue - I had to log in to my webriti account and
    re-download Facebook Feed Pro - there was nothing to state that there
    even was an update available but I emailed Webriti direct and they told
    me to use the updated version - a newer version was available from my
    account but I had to manually delete the old version and upload the new

    So it's working now... but for next time we need to be
    able to update from the Wordpress dashboard when a new version is
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