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As you can see a summary of the posts I post in the categories section, my web


  • Hello
    Kindly more clear your issue .
    So that we can assist you better .
  • Al seleccionar una categoría o etiqueta del blog, dejar todo el post con un extracto y el botón para leer más. Tal como aparece en la página principal
  • When you select a category or label of the blog, leave all the post with an extract and button to read more. As it appears on the main page
  • HI 

    In my understanding you wan to add READ MORE button on your blog page if please refer this article

    If also its not works deactivate all your plugins one by one and then check again your blog page .

    Let me know did it help you.

  • I did not use it, I did not explain myself well, in the previous topic, when I wrote a post it comes out as in the main web, where it posts last posts, but when I use the categories widget I get all posts of the same Category the complete post and I would like it to come out as in the main page
  • Hello @bitacora

    Sorry for you inconvenience  dear  , but we have confusion what do you want exactly . 

    Are  you want read more button(Like the home page recent news section ) on category page . 
    Pls clear us so that we can assist you better , if possible explain via snapshot . 


  • Problem solved, thanks for your patience
  • Hey there,

    Glad you figured it out! Cheers.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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