Shortcode Fontawesome with text

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Fontawesome with text don't work properly.
Instead of icon and text displays this:
"Fusce sit amet orci quis arcu vestibulum vestibulum sed ut felis. Phasellus in risus quis lectus iaculis vulputate id quis nisl Phasellus in risus quis lectus"


  • Hi 

    Share page url on which you are using Fontawesome.


  • I can send you admin pass on e-mail.
  • Hello 

     I want to suggest you to share front end url of the pages on which 
    you are using Fontawesome  . So first share url ,

    also send username and password to this email .



  • Hi silvandir 
    Sorry for your inconvenience ,

     What do want pls explain us  clearly  and also send us screen shot of the page 
     on which you found something wrong.

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    Hi ,

    Our big apologies.

    It's a small bug.

    So please improve this issue follow given below instructions :

    Go to your theme directory >> functions folder >> shortcodes folder >> types folder.

    And now open "iconswithtext.php" file in any your preferred text editor.

    after it find the given below line of code snippet.

    The code is here :

    var fontawesome_text = jQuery('select#fontawesome_text').val();

    and replace with this

    var fontawesome_text = jQuery('input#fontawesome_text').val();

    and now save the changes.

    Let me know for further assistance



  • Nothing changes.
  • hello silvandir 

     After replacing the above line of code ,
     The shortcode working perfect   at our site.
    So pls send me your iconswithtext.php file ,
    That is available at Function  > Shortcode >Types Folder .


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    You can close this ticket. I now make it using <i> tag.
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