Service Call Out Section

I've enabled the service call out settings however nothing shows on the website.  It says to purchase the button?


  • HI

    Service call out section will show  on the service  page  template . 
    It is  showing perfect at our end . 
    See the snapshot ;

    Let me know for further assistance . 

  • ok,  I understand now.  I'm not interested in a services page.  What I need to fix is the contact form.  What happens is that I added a contact form to the Contact us (using the contact us template) and the way I formated the form (with the options provided in the back end) do not show in the website.  I removed the "website" from the contact form and added a Drop Down.  this does not come out on the contact page.  see here:
    Also note the three boxes.  What is the first one for?  Am I able to remove it?
  • Hi 

    Let take  step by step . 
    Are you want to remove website field from the contact page template . 

    Where did you made changes at backend to  add drop down . 

  • Hi 

    Let us know did your Service call out section issue resolve ?

    Never bundle multiple issue in single thread . 
    Always open new ticket for each issue , bz multiple issue in single thread create complexity to  handle better support query . 

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