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I don't need all of these social icons.  How do I remove the ones that I do not want to use


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    If you don't want to show selected social icons . 
    Go to Customizer < < Social setting << And remove the link from respective icons column . 
    More help see the snapshot  

    Let me know for further assistance . 

  • Ok,  This worked, however when I input the Twitter link or Facebook link into the social space (these are the ones I do want) When I click on the main website, nothing happens.  It does not go to twitter.  For example, I removed the # and replaced it with the link to my twitter account.
  • Hi 

    I have checked and it is redirect to  your twitter account . 
    Kindly again check your website and tell . 
    See the twitter account link see the snapshot . 


  • HI 

    Any update here ?

  • Yes, this is good!  thank you
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