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Is there any way i can change the top menu area to look something like this

With a donate button and fb and twitter and logo all together


  • Hi

    Not exactly like that but since the top strip is completely created via 3 sidebars so you can drag widgets to accomplish it.

    Like you can use image / logo  widget for adding logo, social widgets for adding social icons and some widget which adds button.

    There are number of widgets related to image and logo on wordpress repository. For adding social icons use can use this plugin off-course  there are number of them listed there and for button you can use this plugin

  • How do i change the background colour of this top strip? 
  • Hi wrda_team

    Change top strip background color add this given custom css rule in theme custom css box 

    Appearance >> customize >> header settings >> custom css 

    .top-header-widget {
        background-color: #1b0cda;

    Change background color value according to your need.

    Let me know did it work.


  • That is great thank you.

    I am having trouble on how to work bootstrap? 

    What is it?
  • The colour change is not working
  • Hi

    Add this with !important rule

    .top-header-widget {
        background-color: #1b0cda !important;

    If also its not working share your site url.

  • that worked thank you.

    Bootstap does what?
  • BootStrap is the css framework....

    Closing this ticket!!!!
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