I am very new to Word Press and this is my first attempt at using a theme.  

On the homepage, I have it set to show 3 services.  However, like most companies I have many more.  How do I pick and choose which services to show on certain pages.  

Same with team members.  I would like to show just one on certain pages, but some pages require more than 1.  

Is there a way to do this?



  • Hi 

    Let take step by step . 
    Regarding your service section on home page . 
    If you want to show more then three service on home page service section . 
    Go to appearance  << customizer << service setting << find the Number of services on service section  field . 


  • I have my home service page settings established.  I am referring to the pages with our different capabilities.  I have my homepage set to have 6 services.  However, on my department pages, I would like to "feature" services that are specialized for that page (or department).

  • Hi 

    Means are you want to show selected service on the specific page  ?

    If Yes right now this feature did not available . 

    For this you need to hire a developer to do it , bz its a part of feature enhancement .  
    Required much code customisation . 


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