In Blog page is missing the widget


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    I was instaled the template but only look the fullpage post
    I test to change the template "blog-right-sidebar" and "blog-left-sidebar" but is the same
    ¿How I can have a page with last entry, tags, calendar, etc like a usual blog?
    Thanks for all
  • Hi borraesto

    To show last entry, tags, calendar, etc like a usual blog in your blog page.

    Go to in your WPdashboard >> appearance >> widget 

    Drag and drop your widget in sidebar 

    Let me know if you have any confusion.

  • Hi abhishek
    Thanks for your kind reply
    I test but the widget is show in all pages
    I like only show the widget in the blog page. I supose iI have got any problem with the templates. When I change this templates
    "blog-right-sidebar" and "blog-left-sidebar" allways show the same with "Blog-Fullwidth"
    Can yoy help me
  • Hi Guys

    Hang on a bit, I think there is some confusion. Before moving further needs to clarify few things.

    In some part you are using word fullpage post and on some using blog page, so this creates a confusion for all.

    First of all want to inform you that Blog Page and Post is altogether different. Blog Page is a collection of Post. So any page templates will not work on single post because templates only works with WordPress Pages not the posts.

    With all your conversation I have made  one conclusion regarding what your exact query is

    Conslusion :- you want to show blog page with sidebar and for other pages(not posts) needs fullwidth layout.

    If I am right than do let me know or if you meant something else than kindly elaborate more.

    We all have to be on a same track so as to provide solution.

  • Hi Priyanshu
    "Conslusion :- you want to show blog page with sidebar and for other pages(not posts) needs fullwidth layout." Exactly
    ¿How I can show the "blog page"? I don´t find this option in menu, dashboard, etc.
    I can to write the entry but I don`t find the procedure of create the "blog page" in the menu
    I create a new page "Blog" whit the tag "post" (it´s the same tags of entry) and I use this page with the template "blog-right-sidebar" but the page don´t show the last entry, tags,
    Thankas and sorry my bad english
  • Hi 
    To show blog page  with sidebar Use " blog-right-sidebar"  template . 

    To Hide the widget on the single blog post  for this you can use  Display Widgets Plugin . 

    Download the plugin from this link and install . 
    With the help of this plugin you can hide  widget on  specific post / page . 
    Let me know for further assistance . 


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