Number of Clients is blocked at 10 and how can I make them slide ?


I can't have more than 10 logos of clients, and how could I have it slide 4 by 4 like testimonials ?

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  • Hi aranga

    Follow given instructions to show more than 10 clients 

    Go to in your Wp dashboard >> settings >> reading  

    Change your "Blog page show at most " value as you want to show.

    Take a look in attached screenshot

    2. Slide clients like testimonial this is feature enhancement required lots of code customization beyond the scop of support 

    Let me know did it work.

  • Hi,

    1. Yes it worked. Thank you.

    2. What a wonderful feature to add for the new version of the template then ;)

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  • Hi aranga,

    Glad to know that its works for you.

    Sure we will discuss with our development team about this feature.

    Thanks for the nice suggestions.

    Can i close this ticket.


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