Cannot get logo and menu line to appear above header image

I cannot get the line that has
the primary menu and the logo to position ABOVE the header image. This is true on all pages, both static and posts.

Here is what a sample page looks like and you can see the
line with “Capuder Fantasia PLLLC” and the Menu (Home Page, Attorneys, etc.) is
BELOW the header image (and attached is a screen clipping of my static home page):

But from the demo site and all of the materials on this
theme, the line with the logo and primary theme should be ABOVE the header
image (and that is what I want):

I have spent two
hours trying to figure this out without success. Thankn you for the help.

Drew Capuder

Capture with logo-menu line below header image.PNG


  • Hi drewcapuder

    To hide header image from front page follow given instruction 

    Go to in your wp dashboard >> appreance >> customize >> header setings >> custom header settings 

    Here click on Hide Image and click on save button
    take a look in screenshot

    To show home page .

    Go to in your wp dashboard >> appreance >> customize >> static front page

    Enable your radio button your latest posts

    Take a look in screnshot

    Let me know did it work.


  • A:
    Your suggestions do not solve my problem.

    I want to have a header image. I want to display at the main page of my site a static page, not my latest posts. Your suggestions remove my header page (which I do not want to so), and change my main page of my site to show my posts (which I do not want to do). But regardless of whether I set the static front page to show a static page or my posts, your suggestion removes my header image. Again, I do not want to remove my header image.

    I am again attaching an image showing what is wrong with my site. The line marked by a blue arrow has my logo and the menu (Capuder Fantasia PLLC   Home Page Attorneys etc.). Then with a red line I have drawn to where that line (logo and menu) SHOULD be located according to all of the demo pages on the Appointment theme. For example, this shows the proper location for the locotion for the logo and menu:

    So the sequence of elements that I want, from the top of the page, and downwards is (using a static front page):
    1. Logo and menu
    2. Header image
    3. The appointment info widgets that are in the top header left and top header center widget areas.
    Again, this is the sequence that appears in literally all of the demo pages for the Appointment theme:

    Thank you.
    Capture with logo-menu line below header image 2.jpg
  • Hi 

    Let me clear you want to layout something like this

  • That
    sequence is correct, except “make a reservation” widget should be below the
    header image.

    I do not have a slider on my page, so I have only a single header image. I do
    not yet not how to get the slider to appear on my static home page.

    demo page for your appointment pro theme has exactly the sequence I want:

    that page uses a slider, and I simply have a single header image. I don’t yet
    know how to make a slider appear on my static home page.


  • If
    this helps, the web site I am creating with your Appointment Pro theme is a
    conventional business web site, not a blog. So all of the pages I will be
    creating will recreate the pages from my current web site. I do not use blog
    posts in a conventional way. I am using blog posts for “Firm News”, that is
    news about our law firm. So my only use of blog posts is on my “Firm News”
    page. Right now, on my menu, the only Wordpress pages are the Home Page and
    Firm News pages. All of my other menu items are pointing to my old law firm
    HTML pages. As I convert those old HTML web pages to WordPress pages, I will
    update my menu.

    I am concerned that the slider is really designed only to work with multiple
    blog posts, and I almost certainly will not use the slider if that is correct.
    My limited use of blog posts for firm news does not lend itself to the slider
    as far as I can tell.

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    @drewcapuder   I have gone through your requirement, but the thing is, in our demo slider is coming below the logo and menu line not the Header Image. Header Image is the different feature all together. 

    We have to customize the code in order to achieve what you want(, considering the Static Page you want to use as Front Page / Home Page which we generally do not do. But still I want to know may be if we find it easy than we will do so please clarify following points.

    1. You did not want to use home page as shown our themes demo.
    2. If above is correct, than do you want Header Image on all the pages or only on the Front Static Page by the Name "Home Page"

    The above 2 points are very important so kindly answer them first so that I may help regarding what you want to achieve regarding header image.

  • To answer your questions:
    1. I think the answer is no. I want to use a static home page. It appears now (only after buying your theme) that your home page assumes not using a static home pages, and the slider on your default page appears to be available only if I don't chose a default static home page. I assumed that I would have access to the fancy features in your demo on your home page, but it appears that all of those fancy features work only if I do not use a static home page.
    2. I probably want the header image on all pages and on the posts index page. At the same time, it would be fine if I could set different header images for different pages. But it is acceptable to have the same header image appear on all pages.

    For the promotional materials for the Appointment Pro theme, I don't think there is anything that even remotely makes it clear that I am prevented from using most of your advertised features if I use a static home page. When I look at your demo site, I see a fancy slider, and I assumed that choosing a header image for a static page would simple replace the slider in positioning. You are telling me that the header image is a completely different feature, but I still don't understand why choosing a header image for a static home page means that the sequencing of elements in your demo page will no longer apply.

    I hope this helps. It seems to me that your theme doesn't even take into account that someone would want to use a static home page instead of a posts index page. Someone who makes the choice I am making not only loses most of the functionality of the theme, but also faces the situation I am facing where the sequencing of the elements doesn't make sense. To me, the sequencing problem I am facing looks more like an oversight than an intentional design decision.

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    Hmm sounds clear.

    For using other elements on our home page you have to select an option to show latest posts on home page in WordPress front page settings and to have static image you juts need to add post via image with some category and assigning that category  to show in the slider via settings in customizer. But if you are happy to use your static page and need only header images than in this scenario we will provide you the customized snippet but if you need others elements also than lot of code customization is required which is beyond the scope of support.

    If you stick with your Static page as a Home Page  and wanting Header Images on all pages than we will provide you snippet but before making changes, recommend you to make child theme first so that you will not loose customization as and when the theme update is done.

  • Priyanshu, thank you for your reply. I will figure out how to make a child theme. I have some resources that I believe will tell me how to do that.

    Please note that I have chosen to use a static page as my home page, and the header image already appears on all pages. I say this because your message above seems to assume that the header image is currently not appearing on all pages--it is. My problem is that, with my current arrangement, the top-down sequencing of elements does not make sense. I am attaching an image again showing the sequencing of elements if I use the top header widgets and a header image. Instead of the top header widget being at the top of the page above the header image, the top header widget is below the header image and above the line with the company name and menu. That looks bad and it doesn't make sense.

     Again, thank you. Drew
    Capture with logo-menu line below header image 2.jpg
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