Clients Page does not show up

Hi, I'd like to have a page to show all the logos of my clients (10+), with similar template than projects template. I tried to setup the but it doesnt show the clients list, could you help me? Thank you,


  • Hey 

    Right now there is no template to show client logo on separate page . It only show on the home page  right now . 
    If you want to show client logo on separate page . 
    Its a part of layout customization and required code customization . 
    To do this firstly I would like to suggest you to create child theme . 
    To create child theme refer this link . 
    Then  tell me . 

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    I have installed the child theme. I'm ready to follow more instructions. Thank you.
  • Hi 
    1 Now create client.php file in child theme . 

    2 Copy the code from client.txt  (Which is given below in the attachment ) . 

    3 Past inside the client.php file . 

    Now you will find a new template name Client, Add new page and select the template . 

    Let me know for further assistance . 

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    It worked great. Thank you
  • Hi

    Glade to know that its work for you . 
    If you really like our theme and support , pls  spend a minutes for us and give rate us here . 

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