Blog categories redirect to homepage

Every time I click on my blog categories I get redirect to the homepage.

I have tried deactivating all of my plugin and this has not helped. I have checked the that permalinks direct to posts and they do. I have read that it could be a theme problem.

Any ideas?

Once I have solved this problem I'd also like to change the order of my categories but can't work out how to do this.


  • HI
    Its working fine at our end . 
    It may be some Permalink  Setting issue . 

    Go to Setting << Permalink  <<   Select It to post Name . 

    Let me know  for further assistance . 


  • edited November 2016

    Did the above solution work for you  . 

  • Hi,

    I have already done this and it has not worked. I have checked it again and it is set to post names. It is not working at my end. For some reason the above link I posted isn't working now so here it is again:

    Just to be clear I'm talking about the list of categories on the right hand side of my blog. When I click them I expect to be taken to a list of blog posts within that category but I just get sent to the home page. Any further suggestions?
  • Hey 

    Are you using any plugin . 
    If Yes kindly deactivate all plugin one by one and check . 
    Bz it may be any plugin conflict with the theme . 

    Let me know for further assistance . 

  • As you can see from my first message above, I have already gone through this process of deactivating and reactivating all of my plugins. It did not work
  • Hey  Dear  @ldnutrition

    Its working perfect at our end . It may be the issue permalink . 
    Send me your wordpress admin detail at my email address 

    So that we can check whats going wrong with your end . 

  • I have added you as a temporary admin- you should have an email in your inbox
  • Some of the categories are now linking to the correct place but there are still several that are linking to the home page.
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