How to modify team member template

how do i go about modifying the team member template?

i have not been able to locate which file it is , can I have mutiple team member template styles?




  • HI

    Team member template  code is located in aboutus.php file . 

    No you can not have multiple  team member template style with different content . 
    If you want to create copy of the team member section  with same content , it is possible . 

    So let us know what do you want  exactly . 


  • Hi

    what I want to do is this:

    Simply, underneath each team members text, I want the following, using the styling used on the Contact page: (screenshot attached - so want the same font, font size, use of bold/non bold text and then email and phone images, exactly as Ive highlighted yellow on the screenshot)

    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 07973 322135
    LinkedIn: [code goes here - screenshot shows what the code displays]

    If you use the above email and phone for all team members, then I can simply head into the aboutus.php file and edit it per team member.

    Then, underneath the email and phone text (as above), I want the following code snip that will show up a LinkedIn item, again put both code on each team member and then i can head into aboutus.php file and edit the url for each team member accordingly (as they will differ).

    I have attached another screenshot of what I am trying to achieve.

    <script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>

    <script type="IN/MemberProfile"
    data-format="hover" data-text="Simon Jackson"></script>

    thanks, Matt
    21-10-2016 13-16-50.jpg
    21-10-2016 13-04-23.jpg
  • HI  @ matthare2k

    Your query  is part of customization , Required  much code customization . Beyond the scope of our support . 

    You need to hire freelancer to do this . 


  • ok no probs, ok to close this.
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