Picture next to News or blog post?

Is there a way to display a featured image next to y blog post that is displayed on page one of my home page which was titled news, but changed on my page to The heading Dr Campitellis blog? I'd like to featured image to display next to the paragraph.
Thanks image


  • HI 

    Let me clear .
    Are you want to  show featured image , in the recent new section of the theme  page . 
    Like the snapshot . 
    See the snapshot link  and tell me .
    So that we can assist you better . 

  • Yes.That is exactly what i would like to do. Is that possible?
  • Hi nickcampi

    Follow given instruction to show featured image next to the blog post text.

    1. Go to in your theme directory >> functions >> widget >> wbr-resent-news-widget.php 

    2. Find attached code in link and replace in wbr-resent-news-widget.php

    Take a look for front end screen shot http://prntscr.com/cq4di9

    Let me know did it work.

  • Thanks. i'm trying to find the directory. see screenshot. i'm not sure this is the right location. Arrow is next to theme.functions.php

    Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 10.07.07 AM.png
  • can you please help? i can not find where I'm supposed to place this code.
  • edited October 2016

    To locate the file firstly install the  wp-editor plugin from this link . 

    After this Go  to 

    Appearance << Theme Editor and select theme and respective  file and edit the code as your need .   

    For more help see the snapshot link 

  • Still didn't work. The code was for a widget.  My widget already has a circle image next to the blog post. This would be fine, but i want it on the home page where there are the 3 most recent blog posts. See screen shots.

    Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 1.04.49 PM 1.png
  • HI 

    Let me know which version of  theme are you using . 

    Bz it may you are using older version of the theme . 

    If possible share you site url . 
    So that we can assist you better . 

  • www.drnickcampi.com
    I'm using health center pro 1.3.5
  • HI 
    Okay got it . 
    Now you are using older version of theme . 
    @akhishek gave  you suggestion  according to latest version . 

    Any Way to fix your issue simply follow the given below instruction . 

    1 Find the index-news.php file located in your theme directory . 

    2  Replace the code of index-news.txt (Given below in the attachment ) . 

    Let me know for further assistance .


  • unfortunately. that cuts off the entire section of New posts when i insert that code

  • I am using the updated version HealthCentre pro and have paid to keep my subscription active. Can you direct me to accomplish what i am asking above? I would like to have the picture icon next to my blog post from the news section on the home page instead of the date it was posted. See above discussion.
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