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Hi, I'm running  the 2.5.1 version,

please, is it possible to hide the "Read more" button at the bottom of each project box, leaving the whole text like it was displayed in the lite version?

Many thanks,



  • Hi shahzinha

    Follow given instructions

    1. Create a child theme you ca use this plugin to create child theme.

    2. Go to in to in your child theme directory and create a file index-project.php 

    3. Find attached code in link and paste in index-project.php 

    4. Activate child theme .

    Let me know did it work.

  • I did all the above, (created the child theme, added the text code in index-project.php and activated the theme) but didn't change the appearance of the project grid: 
  • I checked in the child list of files, to try to edit again and it appears a list of error files (see attached file) is that the issue?
    Schermata 2016-09-21 alle 16.21.59.png
  • Hi shahzinha

    Can you please share your site admin details on my email we will fix it for you. and let you know.


  • Fixed Please test and let me know.

    If you like our theme and support kindly share your feedback here 


  • Hi abhishek
    tested and it works.
    thank you soooo much!

    I left a 5 star feedback :)
  • Hi 

    Thank you so much so your Review.

    Closing this ticket.

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