I have a few issues

I have a few questions :

1) why do my posts say "comments are closed!"  


2) How do I get rid of Meta from ^ that page?

3) How do I change the colour of the dark grey border at the top of ^ that page?

4) How do I switch off the date, author under the post title on ^ that page?

I'm having lots of problems with this theme so any help would be appreciated.

(I have the pro version)


  • I have managed to do (2) myself.
    Really struggling to make this theme work though :(
  • HI 

    Thanks for contacting us . 
    Lets take step by step process . 
    1 Firstly activate rambo theme , bz I have check your url and its showing other theme . 

    For  your #4 issue . 

    To Remove date and comment  from the post and page title add the below css code inside into the 
    Appearance << Customizer << header setting << custom css box . 

    .blog_section2_comment { display:none ; }

    Let me know for further assistance .

  • Hi

    Did your issue resolve ?

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