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Webriti Dev Team: I just loaded my new Rambo-Pro and am having a little misunderstanding in your instructions on how to attach MAMBO as the Child Theme of Rambo-Pro as to retain the dev time I have placed into that product. Can you assist? I can easily ACTIVATE Rambo PRO in my WordPress environment and it opens fine.... I have familiarized myself on the simplistic side with the use of Orbisius Theme Editor and can use the other portion of the same to create a CHILD Theme... Any advice leading to MAMBO as my full function expanded PRO like front end will be appreciated.


  • HI 

    Pls let us clear , we have little confusion regarding your issue . 

    Are you want to create child theme of Rambo pro theme  ?

    Pls more clear your issue , so that we can assist you better . 

  • Akhilesh....thank you for responding. I want to integrate the MAMBO theme content that I have developed into my Rambo-Pro theme. I have been reading through the threads and there are incomplete thoughts published on how this task is accomplished. Can you offer a most complete set of integration instructions?

    NOTE: I used MAMBO to develope my site..... www.ruffandmeow.com    NOW I want to move to the "professional features" that you advertise by taking advantage of RAMBO-PRO

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    If you want to build website like our  Rambo  pro theme demo  link  . 

    All functionality of Mambo available in Rambo pro theme . 

    For this Simply Install the Rambo  Pro version  . 

    How to use Rambo  pro theme refer   theme documentation link  

    Let me know for any confusion . 

  • Akhilesh: How can I get the RAMBO Pro Theme slider to act like the MAMBO banner. In MAMBO....ONLY one full wide image is displayed. In Rambo Pro.... the image will not expand full width and the slider is active. I want the slider to be static like Mambo
  • Hi
    To center the image .
    Kindly use this given code in your theme custom css box

    .flexslider .slides img
    width:100% !important;

    And if you want only one benner image , add only one post in Featured slider post .
    Let me know did it work.

  • I did not receive the entire desired effect. The slider is not static...it scrolls to the same image over and over.... I was looking for a static slider like MAMBO (non scrolling) PLUS I would like to adjust the banner size. Can you tell me where the banner side code is located? Thank you
  • I have not received any additional feedback on my concern?
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    Hello dear 

    I have just checked  your website url . 
    Your slider /banner  Image is static and its working perfect . 

    If you want to increase banner size .  Kindly upload your desired size image . 

    To adjust size via code , We do not recommend it . Bz it will effect on the responsive ness feature of the website .


  • Akhilesh... I love the comment and you are right! That happens to be the MAMBO theme running.... and that is the exact example I want from RAMBO Pro.... except I want those added features that the pro version has....Can I get Rambo to do that?


  • Hi 

    Lets take step by step. 

    If you want only single banner image in rambo pro . 
    For this simply only one slide inside the 

    WP-Dashborad <<  Featured slider Tab  << Add new slide  << 
    More help refer this link 

    Hope I made my point clear . 

  • Hi Dear @gocoffeer

    Did your issue resolve ?

  • You did make your point very clear and I have to say that your resolve did not satisfy my requirement. I asked for a static "Mambo like" slider and I did not get that at all. What I get is an image that does not fit the feature box (too big) and a slider that refreshes at schedule and blinks the image as it changes and displays itself every few seconds according to the refresh settings. Is there any way to make this more clear? Screen shots? Video capture ? I love Mambo....and want some of the features in RAMBO (which is your logical upgrade path) Would be a great asset and selling point if you simply developed MAMBO and sold a KEY to open the added features that you describe in its back end upgrade advertisement. 

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