Cannot Display Feed - Pls check if the Facebook page exists or not.


Having purchased Facebook Feed Pro in September 2015, and used it without issue on a number of websites, we are now having the above issue with displaying a feed from the following Facebook page -

We have already tried the solutions mentioned in the forums i.e. we've tried using the page id, both numeric and text versions ("543825915638232" and "The-North-Street-Clinic") both in the plugin settings and in the shortcode e.g. [facebook-feed page_id='543825915638232'] and [facebook-feed page_id='The-North-Street-Clinic'].

We have the Cache Duration set to "none" in the plugin settings and have cleared the cache.

If we use another Facebook ID,  either in the plugin settings or in the shortcode, then the feed displays correctly which seems to suggest that the Facebook page may be at fault somehow but I can't think how.

This is a test page with the plugin displaying the feed that doesn't work and one that does
Any help gratefully received!


Nick Burton


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