Can i add an email link to team members instead of social icons?


Can i add an email link to team members instead of social icons?



  • Hello Sir,

    This can be done but you need to change the name of font awesome icon class in the about us template core file. But directly editing core file is not recommended. Are familiar with the concept of child theme , if not you can use number of plugins to create a child theme of appointment and move the file about.php to child theme folder and than make changes from there.

    But before telling you the changes kindly confirm you want email links for all the team members instead of social icons.

  • Yes that sounds great. How do I create a child theme?

    I am only a beginner
  • Can I also change the font size of the team member name?

  • For creating a child theme read this article you can optionally plugins for creating child theme.

    Once you create child theme than create file by the name about.php with all the code mentioned in this link in the newly created child theme folder. Than for adding single email to a team member make sure you only use facebook link field to enter email address  keeping all icons fields blank.

    You can add mailto:[email protected] or directly [email protected] in the fb link text box.

    Let me know for any confusion.


  • Thank you I will try this now.

    Are you able to make the size of the images smaller as we have 9 team members so looks abit too much

  • Kindly create separate ticket for separate issues.
  • Did your issue resolved can we close this ticket.
  • This ticket can be closed.

    Thank you for all your help
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