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How do i change the team image to square (instead of the round)?

How do i move the member social icons away from the image to the area just below the team member's description?

Thank you! :)


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    Hi jasmine,

    Here I'm sending a screen shot this will be your output.

    To solve this issue follow the given below steps :

    ============================= STEP FIRST ==========================

    Have you created "Child-Theme" theme. If, No

    Then that is a part of customization so I would like to suggest you that first of all you create a


    To create a "Child-Theme" follow this link .

    After creating a "Child-Theme" you have to create a "aboutus.php" file in "Child-Theme" directory.

    And now copy the code from "aboutus.txt" (Which is given below in attachment ) and paste into

    "aboutus.php" of your "Child-Theme" directory and save the changes.

    =========================== STEP SECOND =========================

    Go to your Dashboard Admin Panel >> Appearance Menu >> Option Panel >> Home Slider >>

    Custom CSS.

    Now write the given below CSS rules into the "Enter Custom css code" field.

    The CSS Rules is here:

    .aboutroundimg {
        border-radius: 0;

    .twitter_about {
        bottom: 7px;
        position: relative;
        left: -48px;
        top: -5px;

    .facebook_about {
        bottom: 7px;
        left: -28px;
        position: relative;

    .rss_about {
        bottom: 7px;
        position: relative;
        right: 8px;
    .about_cols_img {
        margin: 25px 24px 1px 34px;

    .about_cols_con p{
    margin: -36px 4px -8px -23px;

    And save the changes.

    Our Team.png
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  • Thank you so for your reply! :) but it's not entirely fixed just yet. See screenshot below. i think my about_cols_con seems to be meshed altogether.

    Is there also a way to put the designation below the name? Currently there is no space in between the two, which is why i had to increase the font size. :(
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  • Hi jasmine,

    Can you please share the website "URL".

  • Thank you dorimon :)

    I have fixed this. cheers.
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