Need font Verdana and sizes in post

How I can integrate  font Verdana and sizes in post


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    For this add the below css code into  

    Appearance << header setting << custom css box . 

    .qua_blog_post_content p { 
     font-family: 'Verdana ' ;
    font-size: 14px;

    Change font size as  your need . 

  • Can you please tell the file name
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    You did not enter into the file . 

    Go to WP-Admin << Appearance << Customizer <<  Find the Header setting tab  <<  Click  Custom css box .  

    Then enter above code into this box . 
    Let me know for any confusion . 

  • Thanks but still post text is not coming in Verdana 
  • team any updates
  • ??? waiting for updates
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    HI Dear 
    Sorry for your inconvenience . 
    After all  research , I want to say  there is no easy way to add Verdana custom font in the theme . 

    Its a part of  code customisation , required much code customisation and Beyond the scope of our support . 

    For this you need to hire a developer . 

    Look forward see you again at webriti . 


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    please mail me at [email protected]
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