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I have the default slider with 5 Text Butteons. Where can i change the text?


  • Hello,
             Those are the TITLE of the SLIDES. You can Change them, changing the TITLE .


    Where can i change the default slider titles?
  • Hi Krishna

    Thanks for using our theme.

    Add slider image  using Admin Dashboard ->Featured Slider Menu.

    Click on add new slide menu.

    If you have one image then you can  add five slider with same image.

    Otherwise add different image with each slider.

    The  slider image title and description  add using slider title and description option

    Slider image are adding using using feature image option. It available in right slider.

    If have any confusion to adding slider image.Refer given link

  • Hi,

    Did the above solution work for you ?

  • No it did not at all. Visit, and see it you self. AOn th e Landig Page the Slider has 5 buttons with Excercise Routines. Where Do I change these?

  • Hi ,

    Can you please provide the snapshot where you want to change the text.

    Here I'm also sending you a screenshot this will be your output.

    Let me know for further assistance.

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