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Hello,  I seem to never be able to find a ChangeLog or any notices about a new version released.  I find myself periodically checking my Customer Portal to see if a new release has been made, but either way, I can never tell exactly what was changed.

Am I missing something, or do you guys not provide a ChangeLog?

Thank you.


  • I'm extremely surprised that this thread received no attention from Support
  • Is this request getting lost or not being addressed for a reason?

    As the developers of this site you do not feel a ChangeLog is warranted so the user can know why they should risk an update?

    Any comments?

  • Hi Nicolus

    Sorry for that much delay in response.

    We are working on a system so that customers will gets notified once the package is updated.

  • Notification is not as important as me knowing what exactly is the update covering.  What items it corrected, what feature was added,etc.

    Any plans for this?  Any way of knowing what changes were made in the latest update released recently?

    Thank you
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