Alignment does not remain responsive

Hi there,

I have added images and iframes at a page.
In order to align image and frame equally, I added &nbsps. Those are shown in the responsive design, but not in the desktop view.
In order to avoid this, I added vertical-align: top in class, and also in style. Both did not work.

Can you please adivse?
Example is
Page is very nice in desktop, but not at responsive design.

Thanks for your appreciated help!


  • HI Dear 

    Sorry for you inconvenience . 
    You have added your own custom html tag into the editor  . 

    And you fix  the size of image . 

    In respect of Responsive ness feature of website , We can not fix the size  of image . 

    Pls contact your developer  your issue not related to our theme . 


  • OK thanks for your reply!
  • Hi again,

    an update to this issue - can you please have a look at
    There is no custom html tag.
    I would like to achieve vertical-align top / vertical-align text-top, so that poster and video are aligned vertically.

    Can you please advise?

    Thanks a lot for your appreciated help!
  • Just to clarify the aim :):
    Page should look like this without using &nbsp
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