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I have a "tag" icon that continues to appear which is after my Blog post title. I have enclosed a screen shot. How do i get rid of this, or what is it??

Some of them actually have commas following it.

See examples:

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.49.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.50.11 PM.png


  • Hi 

    Its a post meta and the tag is WordPress tags. Refer the highlighted box in the snapshot http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/1363809/bf8913595d0e511556e874e67caee48c

    Kindly confirm you want to hide it from all pages and posts.


  • do these meta tags help with hits  etc?  Why are there no words with mine?
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    Okay I just saw your previous ticket in which you want to remove the post meta section on pages. Post meta is important for posts  instead of page.

    The solution given in the thread is conflicting so change the css rule you added as 

    .hc_post_detail a{ display:none !important; }


    .page .hc_post_detail a{ display:none !important; }

    With the new css the post meta will not be shown on pages but they will on post pages.


  • I think i really screwed it up now. I changed to 

    .page .hc_post_detail a{ display:none !important; }

    but it put the dates up by the titles on the pages now.
    so i changed it back to 

    .hc_post_detail a{ display:none !important; }

    and now it shows the dates by all the page titles again. I do not want the dates to be there.
  • Interesting. I changed to this from your previous discussion:

    .hc_post_date , .hc_post_detail  { display:none ; }

    and it fixed both problems. 

  • Yup that css rule will hide the post meta ie posted by , posted on , tag , category form post as well as from pages.

    If the solution worked than allow me to close this ticket. Also if you like the theme and support than do share your feedback at 

  • yes, i believe that it is fixed. you can close the ticket.
    thank you!

  • I gave you the suggestion considering that you want to show post meta in post but not in pages. Anyways closing this ticket.

    Love to hear your feedback.

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