Page ignores Custom Size of Pictures

Hi there,

I have uploaded several pictures size 220px x 270px.
I add them in a page, alignment left, and define custom size of 150px x 184 px.
The custom size is used in the backend, but not applied in the frontend.
Source code shows the custom size, but still, it is not applied.

Thanks for your support!

Custom Size ignored.png


  • Hi

    On  which page section would you want to show custom image size . 

    Pls share  the page url on which you are getting issue . 

    So that we can assist you better . 

  • HI
    Sort out your issue .

    Pls allow  me to close this ticket .

  • HI @wthaul

    Can I close this ticket ?

  • Hi there,

    sorry for my late reply.
    The solution did work out for the specific page.
    But unfortunately, now, the system seems to generally ignore custom size definition :(.

    Thanks again for your assistance!
    Custom Size ignored 2.png
  • There is another situation I can describe:

    Original picture = 1572 x 2287
    Upload to Media
    Insert to page
    --> Automatically set to "Medium - 206 x 300"
    As this is too small, I set Custom size = 450 x 655
    Frontend does not show custom size, but medium size that has automatically been applied when inserting the photo.
  • Hi there,

    do you have any idea on how to make custom picture size available again?

    Thanks for your appreciated help!
  • edited July 2016

    Custom height and width property  did not working with img  tag . 

    You can set with and height of image via inline  css . 
    Kindly add inline css like this .

    style="width:244px; height:60px; "

    Ex Like this 

    <img style="width:244px; height:60px; "  class="aligncenter wp-image-280" src="" alt="Summit Policy Tracker Logo" width="200" height="37">

    Change with and height as your need . 

    Let  me know for further assistance .

  • Works out, thanks again for the assistance!!!
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