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My health center theme layout just changed from full width to boxed setting and I have no idea how to get it back. Kindly assist. Also, is there a way in which i can use my logo together with a site name on the header or do i have to insert custom code? Kindly assist. I do not have a lot of coding experience except for HTML.


  • HI kimkan

    let me know about your theme version because now we are use health centre only in box layout

    also share your site url 

  • it is Health-Center-Pro. I dont know how many versions you have but until today, it was showing full width. Is there any way in which i can use it full width? 
    The site is not launched yet, it is corporate and i wanted to do the content before getting it live. 
    Also kindly guide me on how i can insert a logo, and company name besides it to the right. I seem to be able to use only either logo or name. Also, can I change the typography settings of the text based logo on the header?
  • Hi abhishek, 
    Sorry, plea
    I figured out how to insert the logo and company name by modifying the child theme. Kindly just guide me on how to enlarge the logo as it is very tiny. Also, how can i change the typography of the company name into something that is especially not italicized? 
    Also, tell me whether there is any way I can use this theme in full width layout, or i have to stick to the boxed layout?
  • Hi

    Pls share your website  URL . 

  • The website is not yet live because the content in the theme is not fully edited. I will share it once I put in some bit of content as that is what the client wants. However, below is a screenshot and i hope it works. If it doesn't, i'll take a day or two to finish the content then i can launch the site and share the URL
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