Client photos are not aligned horizontally

Hi there,

unfortunately, the client photos are not aligned equally at the home page. They have been scaled as equal as possible, but still, the alignment is not equal.
Can I define a fixed alignment of 4 photos?

Thanks for your support!
Client Photo Alignment.jpg


  • HI wthaul

    kindly upload all images with approximate same hight and size 

    let me know did it work 

  • Hey there,

    I did define the same scaling for the widht, and later for the height, both did not work unfortunately...
    If I change the photos before upload and enter white or transparent parts in width or height, this will affect all other parts as well...

    Is there any other possiblity to influence the alignment?

  • Hi

    For  this add the below css code into custom css box  . 

    .media_image img {
        width: 292px;
        height: 200px;

    Change width and height as your need .


  • Worked out, perfect, thank you so much!
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