Editing my about page

Hi I recently brought your template and its awesome very easy BUT I have 2 issues

1. when I loaded the xml file there was 2 errors. site does seem to function though
2. How do I edit the about page? looks very different than the front page. Do I have to do this seperatly or is there a way i can use your builder on the left for the about page?


  • HI bad4ego

    1. kindly share which error show in upload xml file .

    2. let me confirm which type editing you need . want layout change or some miner change 


  • 1. Should i run it again to find out error?
    2. Layout. 
  • Hi
     Yes you need to again upload the demo content xml file .

    2 What kind of layout changes would you want .

    Pls specify step by step .


  • 1. Ok Ill get to it
    2. changes in general. I just wanted to know if the options on the left to create your site works on other pages.

    Something else, is there a way to make the pictures bigger for client tesimonials? i want to use it to display the ceo's of the company instead.
  • oh wait there is an about us section but its not showing on homepage. im confussed. 
  • what is an about us template? is that another page? I dont get this :(
  • Ok heres what happened, i just put enabled your main menu and for example i want to edit the about page. how do I do this? is there a way to edit it like you do the homepage or do i need to do it through the actual page itself in wordpress main panel? which is kinda hard since I brought this theme for ease of use :/ 

    please explain and sorry for all the confusion 
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    Lets take step by step process .

    Firstly I want to aware you the home page do not show about us section .
    See our demo link of home page 

    And if you want to make about us page like this this  .

    1 You need to create a page and assign about us page template to it .

    2 Then Add Team member into the  Wp-admin << Our Team Tab << add new team member   .


  • Hi

    You can also manage the about us page section .

    Fort this go to Appearance << Customizer <<  Template setting << Find About us Template Tab  <<  Find the settings options .

    Let me know for any confusion .


  • Ok I think I get it. Now at the bottom of my front page there seems to be a linked menu ! can i change or remove this?
  • I see whre I can remove it but it has portofolio options which are not in the menu tab where it says footer if thats where Im supposed to do it
  • I deleted the footer menus and they are still there :/

  • Also whenever I try to add a social widget header or footer as soon as I try to add url an error message tells me to reload page and try again!
  • I figured out the footer menu!
  • Hi dear
    Never post multiple issue in single thread .
    Bz it create complexity to handle better support query.
    Kindly create separate ticket for separate thread.
    So that we can assist you better.


  • Ok let me post everything thats left here (forget all above).

    1. I cant add social buttons whenever i try through the widgets on header or footer it wont let me an error message comes up and tells me to reload my page and try again.

    2. in the about page i see testimonials, i tried deleting these from everywhere inclusing the wordpress main control admin page but the keep coming up! even though i deleted the names!

    3. can i add a banner in the about page up top?

    Lets take care of these questions so i can proceed please and again sorry for the mess
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    HI  Dear 

    For Your  first issue , Start New Discussion for this issue . 
    In this thread we discuss only about us page . 

  • Hi 

    For your banner issue kindly tell me . 
    Are you want  unique banner image for about us page . 
    If you want same banner image for all the page . 
    Go to Appearance << Customizer << Header Image Tab << Upload your custom image . 

    Let me know for further assistance .

  • Hi

    Sorry for your inconvenience . 
    For your #2 Issue .  There is a little mistake .  For naming the section . 
    Further we will correct . 

    To hide the testimonial section from the about us page . 
    Go to  Appearance < Customizer <<  Template setting <<   About us Template  << Find the  
     Hide Client Section  Field and select this field . 

    Let me  know for further assistance . 


  • Hi

    Did the above solution work for you ?

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