New Theme Upload Problem

I like my theme - the Healthcenter PRO version I bought from you. Looks great.  I tried to delete my other sample themes (wordpress 2015, 2014, Health Care LITE) since I have no need for them now. I could not find the delete button on the theme details section some people refer to so I just did FTP and deleted the specific theme I did not want.  (Leaving the Health Center PRO foldrer alonealone).  Website looks fine, unused themes gone from dashboard.  BUT was just curious. I clicked on "add a new theme" but whenever I click on "ADD NEW" theme it takes me to "upload theme" page but no sample free themes are displayed. Even when I clcik on "upload theme" button - nothing happens. I do not have ANY plugins activated.  I googled the problem, they said it might be theme specific. 
The lihk above suggests the following: "It seems that the installer script has been adding a line into .htaccess, which tells the server to use PHP 5.2 in that directory and all subfolders:

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php52 .php .php5 .php4 .php3  You can simply remove it and save over, in the .htaccess file for the site's directory--or comment it out, by adding a # so it looks like: #AddHandler application/x-httpd-php52 .php .php5 .php4 .php3"

For me AddHandler x-mapp-php5.5  .php was edited to #AddHandler x-mapp-php5.5  .php

that didnt work

THAT DID NOT WORK EITHER. Any suggestions.  Pluggins & Images looks find to upload but if I try to upload new theme no themes are displayed and again nothing happens when I click button, see image attached 



  • Hi
    Tell the name of theme do you want to intall.
    Bz you have already uploaded our pro theme .
    And you want to install wordpress .org free theme .
    You can directly install it by searching the theme .
    Find the top right area of Appearance <<themes window.

    Let me know for any confusion .

  • Unfortunately that doesn't answer my question. Please read my details.  I can't install or browse the free themes.  No free themes are displayed and "upload theme" button when clicked doesn't do anything. It worked before I installed Health Center Pro. See the pictures I attached and the comments I made. I don't want to deactiavte my HealthCenter pro activated theme but I am wondering why I cannot even browse new themes or upload themes even I wanted to in the future. 
  • Hi

    This issue related to the word press not regarding to the theme .

    But is possible we will try to fix out it .

    Send me your wordpress admin details at my email address

    [email protected]


  • Just sent it. Sandeep
  • Hi

    I have checked your wp-dashborad and its a issue of your wordpress not regarding to our theme .  

    If you upload the theme via wp-dashborad  you can upload theme via 
    Cpanel  Or  FTP method . 

    Refer this link 

    Hope it will help you .

  • Thanks for checking Akhilesh . There is an option on wrodpress to reinstall wordpress. Since you are experienced with wordpress - do you know if reinstalling wordpress (see attached file) will make me have to redo website again or will all posts, pages, images, content remain the same.  The only semi custom modifications I made were adding things to the custom css in the health center pro menu and 1 edit to the header.php file (which I can easily do again). You can close this ticket after answering this question.
  • Never mind. I just reinstalling the wordpress. My website still intact and working fine but still  having same problem - upload theme button in wordpress still not working. Maybe just a problem with my webhost provider then! If I ever need new theme I will use ftp.  Please close the ticket. Thanks

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