How to select "Home Page Two" template for slider design on homepage

In the help center, it states, "There are two types of slider in this theme. If you want to change the layout of slider? You need to select pages template Home Page and Home Page Two. You can check easily. Slider layout depends on page template."

How do I select the "Home Page Two" template for the home page?
I see how you would do it for other pages, but not for the acutal homepage.  Thank you.


  • Hi

    For this go to  WP-admin << Pages << Add new page <<  Give page title name and assign 

    Home page two template . 

    For more help refer  see the snapshot .

    Let me know for further assistance . 

    home two..png
  • Thank you.  How do I make it appear on the frontpage?  It added as a link in the primary menu bar which i know how to remove, but the change happened on the new page "home2", rather than the front page (that shows when you click on the header logo). 

    How can I get the slider style with words on the slider on the front page?  Thank you.  :)
  • HI 

    go to in your  wp dashboard >> appearance >> reading 

    then follow attached screen shot 

    let me know if you have any confusion

    for you slider query plz create a new ticket 

  • HI justinkspooner

    did it work for you 

  • Thank you so much!  It worked!!!
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