Appointment theme vs Polylang => Blank Page


I have a working site that used polylang and when I installed the appointment demo works fine.

I upgraded to theme pro and always return a blank page, either in dashboard and main page

I tried to use wpml but have the same result... 

Finally I tried to work with a clean install of WP with nothing in it, same result...

Can anyone help? 


  • Hi 

    If you are using any plugin plz detective plugin one by one then check.

    and If you are still would not working then follow below plugin to remove database 
    then use polylang plugin follow below support URL.

    DataBase remove Plugin

    polylang Support URL

    Any confusion let me know.

  • I read and try several times to follow the links but, not working... I follow this:

    I tried with a new clean wp installation (version 4.5.1), then 

    I install and activate Appointment Pro, 

    I install and and when activate WPML  or Polylang I get a blank dashboard...

    So, I tried to do the same again with Appointment Lite version, and it works??

    Any help could be greated
  • I followed this guide:

    but in second point 

    • Install and activate the WPML plugins (WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML String Translation, WPML Translation Management) and get more details about WPML addons pluginsbut 
    I get blank and cannot do nothing... Tried with WP 4.4.2 to with same result
  • Hi 

    Plz share your admin detail My email ID  : - [email protected]

  • Thanks imran,

    Finally I make it work together, but just for information, I was working in ubuntu 16.04 with php7 and any way goes to work, 

    so I make a downgrade to ubuntu 15.10 with php5.6 and works perfectly. I tested in win10 with xampp and works too (with php5.6). 

    Thanks for support
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