Menu (home page) has just disappeared


The menu on home page has just disappeared. Everything seems to be ok in the wp-admin area (see attached print) and suddenly the menu is not there anymore.

Thanks in advance!
menu problem.jpg


  • HI

    Just create custom menu by the nmae home and add link to it.

  • Sorry, I didn't catch it. 

    Should I create a new menu? 
  • Yes do create...
  • Also if you like the theme and support than don't forget to share your feedback at

  • Good morning, 
    I really don't know what could've happened to the menu on homepage. I created a new one as you said. Everything seems to be ok, but the menu is not there in the home!! 

    I attached the screens...image
    menu problem may2nd.jpg
  • Here a print from wp-admin area:image
    menu problem may2nd_1.jpg
  • Hi

    Its working perfect at our end . 

    Send me your wordpress admin details at my email address   

    So that we can check whats going wrong with your  end . 


  • Email sent, Akhilesh! Thanks!!
  • Hi

    I have sort out your issue . Its a conflict of the plugin .    
    I deactivated all plugin now  its working fine .  

    check and all me . 


  • Thank you so much, Akhilesh!!

    You are so professional and helpful!

    I'm very very I've bout this theme!!
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