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I entered the following the CSS  in the custom menu in your admin (based on the help you gave other users) in case you are wondering what I did.  

.hc_slider { margin-bottom: 0px; } 
.hc_home_callout{ margin-bottom: 0px ;} y {display:none;} 
.hc_home_portfolio_showcase_overlay {display:none;}

I have read through your forum many times so I don't repeat asking you a question that has already been asked. 

#1(see attachment) . I used your suggestion (your answer to someone else's post) and inserted .hc_slider { margin-bottom: 0px; } to minmize the white space under the slider. If I increase the it to example { margin-bottom: 50px; } it creates a space between the slider and the callout strip, is there a way to insert text in that space? Rather than have the company name on the slider picture I wish to put my company name in that space between slider and callout if possible. Wondering how to a)put the text there and b) how to specify the font size AND font style there.  (I am in the medical field so have only a slight bit of knowledge on coding)

2.I tried to put the my description of services on the services page rather than the portifolio part of the website but it did not look proper wjen I did it. IE: I could insert my custom picture but it made the picture circular.  I was hoping to replace the circular flavicon box altogether and use a square picture but when I inserted my custom picture it replaced the flavicon but the border is still circular but my original pictures are square and look better that way. As well, when I inserted the text in the service description it limited/cutoff the amount text I could put in.  I read somewhere where part of the code has to be edited to charge character length in the description correct?  Was I missing a way to insert a square picture and come out square or will it always be circular like the flavicon box? 

The pictures looked "normal" square in the portfolio section so I placed it in there instead. BUT for my description  that I was going to put in the service section I had to insert the following text in the PORTIFOLIO section where it says "insert title here": 
IE: One one project I put <b>Experience</b><br>The experienced....have been providing.
On another project, I put  <b>Driving Directions</b><br> For driving directions, click <a href=""><font color="FF0000">HERE</font></a>. This again in the all in the portifolio TITLE - see my website!
Images and clickable link look fine and I am happy with it, just wanted to know if it would interfere with anything, since this was not probably how it was supposed to be used? (See my website)  SEE #3 in my snapshot

3.  (In the portifolio section where we pick the Number of Portfolio on Portfolio section...) On the project description( and project title - is there anyway to customize those two lines of text in terms of Font size and font style? (See #5 in my snap shot). They are already different but I want to control the text font and size for EACH is possible?

4. Footer text:
One of the words on my footer is wrapped around to the next line - anyway to make it appear on one line? (See snapshot#4)

5. Download the theme specific dummy data xml file from this link - I didn't do this, just installed and starting customizing  - will this be a problem running your template as long as I don't want the structure exactly the same as your template - I am fine with the way it looks ... just didnt want the template not to work properly. 



  • HI

    You want to  change into the layout of our theme . 
    Its a part of layout customization .   

    Its beyond the scope of our support .  You can  ask your developer to do it . 


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