Contact form - the recipient email

Can't find how can I set recipient email for the contact form. Please help me.


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    For this go to wp-admin << settings << General << find the enter email address field .
    Enter email on which you want to received email .

  • Hi! It does not work
    I didn't get the e-mails that I send via webriti contact form on my web-site.
  • Hi

    For this you need to use any smtp plugin  . 
    Use wp-mail-bank plugin that is freely available on . 

  • Hi,Akhilesh

    Here I go again with my doubts!
    I've installed wp-mail-bank, changed the settings and tested it. It's ok. I received the test message.

    But how can I 'integrate' it to the contact page displayed in the site? Is there any CSS code that I have to use? I tested the contact form from the website and received nothing :(

  • Hi

    Go to  Wp-Admin << Setting << general << Find the  email address field . 

    Enter the email address on which you want contact form email . 

    Let me know for any confusion .


  • Yeah!! It worked!! Thanks!
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