Language again :(

Hi, i already changed some language points, see my already closed topic.
But i see now that also for example at the Contact page its still some english fields.
For example "Send message" or "Phone". Also at the Footer widget (contact) i have "phone" how i can change and how i can remove "Fax" completely?


  • edited April 2016

    To change the text on the contact-us  page . 

    Follow the given below  instruction . 

    1 Find the contact-us.php file  ( located in  your them folder ) . 

    2 Open it and find the below lines of code on line no  65  87  . 

    <button class="hc_btn" type="submit" name="contact_submit" id="contact_submit"><?php _e('Send Message','health'); ?></button> 

    <abbr title="Phone"><?php _e('Phone','health'); ?>:</abbr><?php echo $current_options['hc_contact_phone_number']; ?><br>

    Change text Send message and Phone text as your need . 

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