Elements not properly lining up on my Rambo voice demo page.

If someone could look at the voice demo page on my website  --  www.johndrew.com/voice-demos  --  you can see that the Voicezam player buttons on the left are not lining up with the Voicezam player on the right.  The player is sitting lower on the page as if there is a carriage return kicking it lower on the page.

Voicezam's tech team says that there are an additional <p> and a </p> around the code, but I cannot see them in my CSS editor.  I can see the <p> -- a lot of them -- and the </p> when I view the page source on the published page using my browser, but don't know which <p> and </p> to remove.

Is there a way that I can correct this issue so that the Voicezam buttons and the Voicezam player line up?

I am using a fully-licensed version of Rambo Pro.

Thanks for your help.

John Drew


  • Hi

    You have added custom html into the pages . 

    So remove extra paragraph  tag from the  respective page editor . 

    If still does not resolve your issue . 

    Send me your wordpress admin detail at my email address .

    So that we can find our from where the extra paragraph tag is coming . 

  • edited April 2016

    The paragraph  tag is generated  via the  additional js . 
     Its not regarding to our theme . 

    Sorry for your inconvenience but its  beyond  the scope of our support  . 

    You can ask to your developer to do it .

  • Thanks, Akhilesh.  I'll have my web support man to look at it.

    Best regards,

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