This is too difficult for me

It it possible to get a refund? I cannot find anything in the premium version. It is too much for me.


  • Hi

    Sure we will refund you but tell me the issues you are facing.

  • Thank you for that!

    All my settings from the free version were gone, I cannot change the slider to one steady picture. It is to difficult to use for someone that doesn't know how wordpress is working. It would be nice if you can change everything from the customizer menu. I need a simple website, but this isn't doable for me. I will stick to the basic version for now. 
  • Hey dear  @ronski

    Don't worry dear we are always here for your help .
    In the pro version of theme we implement slider , service and portfolio section via custom post type . 
    Bz custom post type provides more flexibility rather then customizer option . 

    Lets take step by step process .
    To manage slider refer our theme documentation link  

    For more help regarding to set up content of our theme refer theme docs link 

    Feel free to ask me for further assistance . 

  • Hi Akhilesh,

    I responded, but the respond is gone is the system. So I will wrrite it again. 

    No, I will stick to the basic version for now. This is way to much. I don't have the time to go through all these seperate parts of the website. I allready tried and it is not doable for me. 

    Please confirm that it will be refunded. 

  • Hi Akhilesh,

    please confirm the refund!

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