Nothing is showing up

Hi, I just bought and installed the Pro version this evening.  I deactivated the free version and activated the pro version.  I found my access token, activated my account, etc.  When I include the shortcode, nothing shows up.  I use it on both a page and a post, and it doesn't show up in either place.

I have tried various themes and still nothing, so I do not believe it's a javascript issue.  There are 20 million+ posts for the hashtag that I'm using.  I don't even know where to begin from here.



  • Kindly share the page url where you have added the shortcode. Also check for any errors in console of google chrome. Test the plugin with twentyfifteen or twentysixteen.

    Also share the shorcode you are using

  • Any updates?
  • same problem
    we used the code you told to put in wp page and 1 month ago it was working.
    not now.

  • Kindly share your page url of one of the site where you are using the shortcode.

  • send via mail
  • Lets take this url first there is an error the console regarding Javascript and since our plugin mainly rely on js , may be that's why the plugin stops working. Kindly deactivate the plugin wd instagram feed and activate our plugin. So that I can check for the errors in console.

    Right now the error coming in the console is from WD Instagram Feed have a look at shreenshot.

  • Evidently Instagram need to change often the auth code because i never changed from installation and just checked today after some weeks...

    1) i've erased in instagram the auth for the feed 
    2) Browser Cache cleaned
    3) auth plugin again
    now they works in chrome too ;)

  • Thanks closing this ticket....
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