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How can i manage the excerpt of posts in the homepage of my site http://www.puntoventi.it? It's orrible that the preview ends in the middle of a word.



  • hi 

    excerpt  function show 275 char on home page if you need to show more then that or want to manage that thene follow given instructiosn 
    go to in  your theme directory >> functions >>excerpt >> excerpt.php

    find line number 35 and here you change your post chat length 

    let me know 


  • Thanks Abhishek, the problem is not the lenght but the cut of the words. Is it possibile to set the excerpt so as to avoid it? For example adding three dots at the end of the cut?
  • Hi 

    yes its possible follow given instructions

    go to in your theme directory >> index-blog.php 

    find attached code and  copy all code then replace it with your index-blog.php file 

    let me know did it work 


  • Thanks a lot! It worked!
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