Portfolio - Reordering with Categories

I'm using the Reorder Posts plugin to reorder my entries in Portfolio.  It seems to let me order the posts when "All" category is selected, but when we use our own created categories and select them, it seems to change the order.

For example, when all is selected, and I look at Portfolio with All selected for category, I see
Photo A   Photo B  Photo C  Photo D

If I choose my own created category, it shows:
Photo D Photo A  Photo B  Photo C

An even stranger behaviour, if I look on my photos on the front page, it seems to randomly put whatever pictures it wants on the photos section.   

Is there a way to force a reorder for the individual categories as well as how it displays on the main page?  Also, is there a way to display more than 8 images on the main page Portfolio section?


  • Hi syee99

    "reordering post" its plugin  related query plz contact with plugin author or  you can use any other plugin that meet you needs 
    btw which plugin you are using to re order post 

    to show more then 8 project on home page in project section follow given instruction 

    go to in your theme directory >> project settings >> home project settings 

    change value here form drop down list in number of portfolio on portfolio section

    let me know did it work 

  • Hi syee99\

    still you facing this issue 

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