Customizing Footer Display

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In the footer of my website, I currently have a single column with our address, phone number, etc which you were able to help me out with  previously.

I was wondering if it was possible to add another column in the footer (perhaps on the right side) where I can put up links to social networking sites to balance out the footer a little bit.  Is there a way to add another column to the footer to accomplish this?


  • HI

    Are you want such type of footer layout let me clear . 
    See the snapshot .


    footer widget.png
  • Sure, that will work.  My address contact information is on the left on my version of the site.  I'd like the social networking icons on the right side of the screen just to balance it out.
  • Hi 

    Its very complicating to  put  one  contact info widget to the left side and social icon is right side . 
    But will try for you to make such type layout . 
    So firstly add  social icon into the footer and Then tell me . 

  • Which icon widget are you using to get it to display the way you have in your screenshot?
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