Testimonial is not displaying in full.

Hi support,

I found the testimonial is not displaying in full on front page, as well as on other pages. 

You've helped me change the height of Clients to display the logos in full. I wonder if you can help again on this?


  • hey 

    use this 


    change height size as you need

  • can height be float? because the testimonials are of different length. some are short, some are very lengthy.
  • no it's not working for me this time.
  • screenshot
    2016-03-21 PM 5-34-39.jpg
  • Hey 

    increase height given css class in your custom css box 

    .caroufredsel_wrapper{height:100px !important;}


    .caroufredsel_wrapper{height:300px !important;}

  • as a matter of fact, i've changed that value to 500px, but still the client's photo got cut.

    any idea?
  • Hi here is the screenshot.

    After change the value of height, the Clients strip is having a huge blank above the Testimonial strip.

    I like the auto-adjust testimonial strip, which will accommodate the text length without any cuts or too much white space.

    please help with a solution. 
    2016-03-22 AM 10-26-28.jpg
  • Dear @akhilesh, can you help with this?
  • Hi 
    I have checked your site you are using older version of theme . 

    You made changes into the testimonial section layout .
    Our actual testimonial section in full with area. 
    See our demo link 

    You have added some custom code into the testimonial section , It creates conflict with original code . 

    So firstly I would like to suggest you to update theme with latest version and tell me . 
    To update the theme refer this link  

  • Dear Akhilesh,

    I've upgrade to v2.0 for the theme.

    Please instruct on the next steps. Thank you!
  • Hi

    Let us are you want to add testimonial section on the home page . 

  • Exactly.

    with previous v1.4, the testimonial section seemed to have a fixed height and contents were not displayed in full. Many of the long testimonials were cut out.
    The fixed height problem seemed to be caused by a setting in Custom CSS, which I found another problem with Client strip - the client strip were not displayed in full size. Abhishek asked me to enter a setting so that the height of the client strip section would be larger than before. However that setting seemed to have impacted testimonial strip as well.

    now with new v2.0, both testimonials and client strips were gone from the front page.

    I need those strips back on front page and I need to ensure that the height is automatically adjusting to the length of content, just like before. Thank you!

    Hope it explain well.
  • HI  Sophyao

    let me confirm after which section you want to show these both thing 

    if possible indicate by screen shot 

    we added it after project section in home page 

  • Hi,

    Please see screenshots and annotation on them.

    I need both client strip and testimonial strip at very bottom of front page:
    1. banner
    2. portfolio
    3. service types
    4. callout area
    5. client strip
    6. testimonial strip
    7. footer area
    And I need testimonial strip display on the bottom of every page, right above footer area.
    I don't need testimonial strip display on posts.

    Hope it's clear to you.
    2016-04-17 AM 10-14-58.jpg
  • screenshot on page
    2016-04-17 AM 10-18-34.jpg
  • hi 

    follow given instruction to how testimonial and client strip on home page 

    1.go to in your theme directory >> footer.php 

    2. move footer.php in child theme directory 

    3. find attached code in url http://pastebin.com/FLEEn1Y0  copy all code and replace in chld theme footer.php file 


    activate child them 

  • Thank you. How to set Child theme and how to move footer.php into child theme directory?

    Illustration by screenshots is highly appreciated.
  • i have installed it. I just don't know how to make proper setting and how to move certain php file to the child theme directory.
  • hi 

    you can use FTP to move php files in child theme 

  • Hi support,

    Any progress on this?

    I need to display client strip and testimonial strip on front page. it's very urgent now. Thank you!!!
  • hi

    ok if you are not comfortable with child theme you can make that all change in your main theme directory 

    1.go to in your theme directory >> footer.php 

    2. find attached code in url http://pastebin.com/FLEEn1Y0  copy all code and replace  in  footer.php file 

    let me know 

  • Hi Abhishek,

    It's not that I'm not comfortable with child theme. I just don't know how to use it. It seems your colleague has logged in with my admin account and activated the child theme for me. Is this the place that I should paste your codes in? See enclosed screenshot.
    2016-04-27 PM 8-17-02.jpg
  • Ok 

    yes you can past it here 

  • Thank you very much, it's displaying.

    However there are 2 issues for testimonial strip:
    1. it's way too fast 
    2. I need testimonials to display 3 in the same screen, just like the chinese website: http://cn.az-loc.com/

    Could you let me know how to slow it down and display 3 testimonials at the same time?

    Thank you very much!
  • and issue # 3, I find testimonial strip has a fixed height, thus some of the long testimonials were not displaying in full:
    1. all people name and titles were not displaying
    2. part of the photos were cut.
    and you may check enclosed screenshot.

    2016-04-27 PM 8-28-12.jpg
  • HI 

    if you like this 3  testimonial lay out then follow given instruction http://prntscr.com/axgwxn

    go to in your parents theme directory >> testimonials-page.php 

    find line number 20  and change value duration,timeoutDuration visible

    if you have any confusion have a look in attached screen shot http://prntscr.com/axgy69



  • thank you, I changed the numbers but the height is still fixed, most of the testimonials were cut off.

    I suspect there were something in custom CSS set a fixed height on testimonial strip. Enclosed please find my custom CSS codes. Could you let me know which line of codes must be deleted to remove the limitation on strip height?

    Thank you!!
    custom CSS.txt
  • Hi 

    go to in custom css box and add this css box 

    .testimonial_area blockquote p{font-size:15px;}

    if after that cut your authoor image then we suggest you to remove some text from them

  • okay. consider it solved. thank you!
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