Wall Street Pro was uploaded to my host --> unable to upload the xml file or change fonts, etc..

I started with a clean site (no previous versions of wallstreet) and I still do not get the PRO options.  I am given the opportunity to purchase PRO, but I already have it.  I'm unable to upload the XML file using the TOOLS - IMPORT.  I've changed the Header images and a few other things but the template images are still there.  please advise.


  • Since my original post - I have changed headers and sliders... but why am I not able to change the fonts?  I guess most of it is working.  Thank you.
  • Hi

    Kindly clear us which section of content font would you want to change . 
    And tell us name of font would you want to use 

  • You will think this odd.  I like the font fine.  I just thought I could change the fonts by upgrading to PRO.
  • Hey lisahinson

    let me know you wan which font you want to use 

    then we assist you best way to use other font i this theme 

  • Only one other question on the theme...my site is mymatterspace.com  please take a look --> how do I get rid of the pictures of the 4 women below services... what section is that?  Thank you.  
  • Hi @lisahinson

    This is the portfolio  section  , This is the portfolio section Refer link 

    To manage it Refer this link 
    If you want to completely remove this section refer this link 

  • Did your issue resolved, if yes than Can I close this ticket?
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