Add client strip to home page


Please help me add a client strip to the home page AND REMOVE the "Current Projects" from the home page.

Thank you!


  • Hi
    Let us clear on which area of home page would you want to add client strip . 

    To add client strip on home page  for this you need to change into the core theme code file .
    So firstly I would like to suggest you to create child theme .
    To create child theme refer this link.

    Then tell me .

  • Hi

    For your project section .
    If you want complete remove project section refer this link 

    If you want to add your custom item on home project section refer this link .


  • Thank you! I created the child theme, next step please!
  • Hey

    kindly clear after which section you want client strip section on home page 

    so we provide you customize code 

  • Hi

    Any update  here ?

  • Sorry for long response. I would like the client strip to be at the bottom of the page, above the footer section
    Thank you!
  • Hi

    For this open the footer.php file (located in your theme folder ) . 

    Add the below line of code on the top of  footer .php file  .

     <div class="container" id="client_home"> <?php  get_template_part('client','strip');  ?>  </div>

    Let me know for further assistance .


  • All set, thank you!
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